Alison and Michael

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Our Story

Michael and Alison met at Dejaun Jewelers, Michael's family-owned jewelry store, while he was working there in April 2015. Alison's friend gave Michael her number and that night Michael sent Alison a text: "Hi Alison. This is Michael your engagement ring specialist." Instead of the sale Michael was hoping for, he got to enjoy drinks with Alison at the Village in Studio City, where they went on their first date. They knew right away they liked each other and have been together ever since. Michael and Alison visit Santa Barbara and the Funk Zone often for fun getaways. When it came to planning their dream wedding, the Hotel Californian was a no brainer. They love spending time with their family and friends, hanging out in Malibu, wine tasting, and trying new restaurants (along with frequenting their go-to: Sushi Note). They are so excited to celebrate their special day with all their amazing family and friends!